VeloNutz Riding Club
Are you Nutz?

Velonutz is a group of road bike enthusiasts who ride for fun, fitness, and – you guessed it – donuts! You might argue that “fitness” and “donuts” don’t exactly go hand-in-hand, but that’s where the “fun” is! We occasionally stop for donuts on our rides! If you’re looking for a serious, fast-paced, hammer fest, you’re looking in the wrong place! We generally ride at a relaxed, conversation pace – or as we call it, a “laugh-your-a**-off” pace. The toughest part of our rides is deciding between glazed, jelly-filled, sugar, or sprinkles on our donut stop. This is a no-pressure ride, and if you’re not laughing at some point, you’re riding too hard! However, we sometimes offer a more fast-paced ride for those who desire more leg-burning, wind-sucking, and calorie-burning! Don’t get us wrong, safety is our number one priority (not donuts), and we strive to obey traffic laws and practice courtesy to motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists.


VeloNutz began as an offshoot of the Mira Mesa Cycling Club. Some MMCC riders were looking for a less intense, more social ride and got together on Saturday mornings for informal rides. Saturday was chosen as our ride day, so we wouldn't interfere with the MMCC Sunday rides. We called it the MMCC "Masters" ride; "Masters" not as in experts, but as in "we love riding, but we're now a bit more mature and wanna slow down a bit". As our Saturday rides became more regular, we decided to announce a more social, relaxed MMCC ride one Saturday. The response was overwhelming! We got 27 riders showing up that morning. Turns out we weren't the only ones looking for a more relaxed ride!


On Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, during a Sunday MMCC ride, the Masters group was as usual hanging back from the main group with our typically useless conversation, and one of our riders (now named "SpokeNutz") broke a spoke. We waved the main group ahead, and after waiting for his rescue vehicle, the remaining riders decided to take a different route and stop at Solana Donuts in Solana Beach. PNutz suggested to MangoNutz, GlazedNutz and TwistedNutz that we should make the donut ride a regular thing and start a new club, and VeloNutz was born on that day.


So what’s with the name “VeloNutz”? It’s simple…We’re “nutz” about bikes, we’re “nutz” about fitness, and we’re “nutz” about “donutz”! You get the picture. So if you’re as nutz as we are, come and join us for a ride! We promise not to leave you behind if you promise not to leave us behind.


One last thing… You’re not obligated to eat a donut, but if you do, and you’re obsessed about counting calories, don’t worry – you’ll burn off that donut during the ride.


Please take a moment to peruse our web site, especially our FAQ, and give our donut ride a try!

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